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Mr. Norris

Posted in Wicked Funny Pictures on Wednesday August 13, 2008 by andtheivy

I’m sure we all know and love this site (which I already posted here), but I had to post this. It’s flippin sweet.

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Woe and Tell

Posted in Wicked Funny Pictures on Thursday November 1, 2007 by andtheivy

The below is part of the Get Mortified project in which adults share embarrassing photos, diaries, etc. from their childhoods.  Here are just a couple from the “Woe and Tell” portion of the site.

Oh, and I most definitely plan on submitting my 6th grade school picture.  You know the one.


“This is me in Kindergarten back in 1970-71. When I was a kid, I was convinced I couldn’t smile, so I didn’t.. what possessed me to adopt the ‘evil child’ stare is beyond me.”

Kindergarten of the Damned:


“In third grade I had to get glasses. What better than to copy the most beautiful woman in the world? Mom’s were blue, but I have always liked pink. Also: note the ‘Pixie Cut’ – this is what happens to a curly haired gal with a straight haired mom. 1969.”

Glasses Like Mom’s:

Simpsonize Me

Posted in Wicked Funny Pictures, With A Twist on Sunday August 12, 2007 by andtheivy

Do it.

Turn yourself into a simpsons character.

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The United Countries of Baseball

Posted in Wicked Funny Pictures on Friday August 3, 2007 by andtheivy

This one’s for Eric!

“This map, caught by Flickr user littlebudapest, apparently adorns a wall at the Niketown store in San Francisco’s Union Square (or at least did during the All-Star Game last month). It divides the United States (and part of Canada) into thirty “countries” (and a large swat of unincorporated mountains and desert) defined by the fan base for each of the thirty Major League Baseball teams. The boundaries seem fairly accurate, at least from my experience (I haven’t spoken with that many people in the South, for instance, but I gather from country music that much of it is Braves Country, as reflected here).

As the Flickr photo commenters point out, one glaring omission are the diasporic fans who inhabit the West: some territories, according to anecdotal evidence, follow a specific team from the East Coast or Midwest, even though not everyone in the territory ventured from that team’s country. If the commenters are to be believed, much of Idaho prefers the Mets, for whatever reason, and I recall that in the days before expansion delivered the Diamondbacks Arizona was Cubs territory (and remains so for contrarians).

Link – via Strange Maps

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Posted in Wicked Funny Pictures on Thursday August 2, 2007 by andtheivy

Photos of old-timey daredevils.


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Please Draw My Ramen Bath

Posted in Engrish, Wicked Funny Pictures on Wednesday August 1, 2007 by andtheivy

“Noodle lovers rejoice, now you can spend a small fortune to bathe with complete strangers in a colossal bowl of Ramen Noodles!

“This bowl is part of a spa theme park in Japan, called Hakone Kowakien Yunessun. They also have other themed baths and pools, like this enticing red wine bath:

Yes, please!

(Pics via Japan Probe , de la saynotocrack)

Wholesome Wear

Posted in Wicked Funny Pictures, With A Twist on Sunday April 1, 2007 by andtheivy

Adam shared this with me today. And I think we’re all the better for it.

“Swimwear that ‘highlights the face rather than the body’ includes an undergarment with bright colors at the neck and shoulders to draw the eye to the face.”

Culotte version, Skirted version and Slimming version. And they aren’t kidding about the neck and shoulder. This is swimwear for the Amish, folks. I retract that. I think even the Amish would find these a bit much.

And apparently these things aren’t cheap to make. Thankfully, the “Slimming Swimwear” ladies’ Large is on sale from $109 and is now the low, low price of $87.20. That’s the price you’ll have to pay in order to wear 92 yards of purple nylon fabric. I’ll bet it isn’t heavy when it’s wet.

But wait. There’s more:

“Watch for it next season.

Next season we will once again offer a Slimming Swimmer suit that extends to the midarm (between the elbow and the wrist) and covers down to the lower leg (between the knee and the ankle).”

What are we really trying to achieve here?? We are altogether too quickly moving to the burqa, friends. I’m a little uncomfortable with all that fabric.

Who’s with me?

Wholesome Wear