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Zip Skinny

Posted in News on Tuesday November 6, 2007 by andtheivy

Enter your zip code and find out all sort of fascinating things about where you live. 

Who woulda thought that zero percent of us in Valencia would have an occupation in farm/fishing/forestry?  Weird.  Also, where’s my piece of that median income of $76,000?  And finally, the answer to that burning Longitude question: -118.562148.

Zip Skinny


Crazy Car Crash

Posted in News on Saturday March 3, 2007 by andtheivy

“No, you are not seeing two cars here. Take a good look at the license plate, it’s the same car… split in half.


Fortunately, the driver of this Audi RS6 was not hurt in this weird car crash apart from a few minor scratches”

(de la presurfer)

No News.

Posted in News, Video on Thursday February 15, 2007 by andtheivy

“Television news shows keep us informed of what is going on in the world around us. Could you imagine a day without any news?

Well, sometimes such a day occurs.
When there just is no news.”

(de la presurfer)

Five-Star Prison Cell

Posted in News on Thursday February 8, 2007 by andtheivy

“That’s a jail cell in the F1 section of the Aranjuez prison in Spain, designed to let imprisoned parents to live with their children!

Welcome to a jail Spain says is the only the one in the world with cell units for families: Disney characters on the walls, a nursery, a playground for toddlers. The idea is for kids to bond with their imprisoned parents while young enough to be oblivious to their surroundings, and for inmates seeking rehabilitation to learn parenting skills. The prison in this town 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of Madrid has 36 cell units for families, although now only 16 are occupied, most with Latin Americans. The units of the special F-1 section are known in jail jargon as ‘five-star cells’.”


(de la Neatorama)

Ramen Noodle Inventor Dies

Posted in News on Sunday January 7, 2007 by andtheivy

“Showcasing his Space Ram noodles in front of reporters, Ando said: ‘I’m happy I’ve realised my dream that noodles can go into space.'”

Sydney Morning Herald :: Instant noodle inventor dies

(de la bbblog)

Indian Runner Fails Gender Test

Posted in News on Tuesday December 19, 2006 by andtheivy

You see, the woman runner isn’t really a woman.  She’s a not-woman.  Check out the article here.

Best line in the article: “The official also said the test revealed more Y chromosomes than allowed.

(de la Eric.  Thanks EG!)

I Heart Doritos

Posted in News on Friday December 1, 2006 by andtheivy

Uh, can anyone say DREAM COME TRUE?  This totally just made my list of “Top 10 Things I Would Want To Happen If I Were Stranded On A Deserted Island Like Those People In That One Show ‘Lost'”.

“A cargo container fell off a ship and spilled its content of thousands of bags of Dorito chips on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Scavengers immediately took advantage of the situation (the chips are fresh thanks to their airtight packaging).” Link

(de la Neatorama)