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Rat Meat

Posted in Animals on Thursday August 28, 2008 by andtheivy
clamoring for rat meat

clamoring for rat meat

“Rising food prices in Cambodia has a particularly strange consequence: it makes rat meat more popular as inflation has put the price of other meat out of the reach of poor people!

Spicy field rat dishes with garlic thrown in have become particularly popular at a time when beef costs 20,000 riel a kg.

Officials said rats were fleeing to higher ground from flooded areas of the lower Mekong Delta, making it easier for villagers to catch them.

“Many children are happy making some money from selling the animals to the markets, but they keep some for their family,” Ly Marong, an agriculture official, said by telephone from the Koh Thom district on the border with Vietnam.”


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Ice Skating Monkeys

Posted in Animals, Video on Thursday August 14, 2008 by andtheivy

I think I saw a triple sow cow in there. Also, monkeys apparently get christmas sweaters over sequined leotards when they skate. Go figure.

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Kitty Caution Sign

Posted in Animals, With A Twist on Thursday August 7, 2008 by andtheivy

Just because it makes me laugh.

moderncat (yes, it really is a site for all you cat lovers)

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Genius Elephant

Posted in Animals, Video on Thursday April 3, 2008 by andtheivy

Watch and be amazed.  This elephant actually paints his own self-portrait.

River Dance Monkeys

Posted in Animals, Video on Friday November 2, 2007 by andtheivy

Something about this makes me want to laugh, cry, and be angry at the same time.   Monkeys are funny that way.

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Posted in Animals on Saturday March 31, 2007 by andtheivy

Phobias are covering a whole range of stuff. But the main ones are fairly sensible. Things like heights, poisonous snakes, spiders and giraffes.

A lot of people don’t understand just how debilitating being a giraffobe can be, some of them even laugh, as if giraffobia was funny. Well it’s not funny at all. Not when you find yourself checking for giraffes under your pillow every night.

And when you’re even scared of those dead giraffes you sometimes find in corners of the attic or in the back of dark cobwebby cupboards.”

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Beware of Robot Monkeys

Posted in Animals on Tuesday February 20, 2007 by andtheivy

Monkey controls a robotic arm with his brain.  What WILL they think of next?

“The monkey in the video has a chip in its brain that controls a robotic arm. He uses the arm to feed himself a piece of yellow food. Probably a banana. What’s in the deleted scenes?”

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