Woe and Tell

The below is part of the Get Mortified project in which adults share embarrassing photos, diaries, etc. from their childhoods.  Here are just a couple from the “Woe and Tell” portion of the site.

Oh, and I most definitely plan on submitting my 6th grade school picture.  You know the one.


“This is me in Kindergarten back in 1970-71. When I was a kid, I was convinced I couldn’t smile, so I didn’t.. what possessed me to adopt the ‘evil child’ stare is beyond me.”

Kindergarten of the Damned:


“In third grade I had to get glasses. What better than to copy the most beautiful woman in the world? Mom’s were blue, but I have always liked pink. Also: note the ‘Pixie Cut’ – this is what happens to a curly haired gal with a straight haired mom. 1969.”

Glasses Like Mom’s:


2 Responses to “Woe and Tell”

  1. are you kidding me right now… that kindergarten picture CANNOT be you, unless you were once a boy… c’mon.

  2. The glasses one…now that I can believe. Dark hair and eyebrows, a wide pre-plastic-michael-jackson-nose, full lips and the slightest hint of a mustache…totally you.

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