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Thanks, Lis.  This is brilliant.  But mostly horrifying.

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Simpsonize Me

Posted in Wicked Funny Pictures, With A Twist on Sunday August 12, 2007 by andtheivy

Do it.

Turn yourself into a simpsons character.

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Here’s a barf bag found on the plane from Manchester, New Hampshire to Philly.

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Staple-Free Staple Pets

Posted in Gadgets, Miniatures on Friday August 3, 2007 by andtheivy

They’re a different version of miniatures. And I totally heart them.

“Paper normally sticks together through the use of external device – usually glue or some kind of bent metal wire. Then some kind of freakin’ GENIUS realized you can stick paper together WITH PAPER!

These staple-free-staplers cut a small flap and a notch in the paper, then it folds the flap back into the notch which keeps the paper stuck together! Pretty slick for a little plastic puppy!

Not only is it environmental, it’s safe – especially for little kid fingers. We’ve got these super cute staple-free staplers in adorable doggie and kitty styles in sickeningly-sweet pastel colors. Perfect for the geekling in your life, or the grown-up geek who’ve incorporated the word “SQUEE!” into their lexicon!

So, kids, next time you’ve got a report due for school, you can hand your assignment in on time while also saying, ‘The dog ate my homework.'”

Link: Pet Stapler

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The United Countries of Baseball

Posted in Wicked Funny Pictures on Friday August 3, 2007 by andtheivy

This one’s for Eric!

“This map, caught by Flickr user littlebudapest, apparently adorns a wall at the Niketown store in San Francisco’s Union Square (or at least did during the All-Star Game last month). It divides the United States (and part of Canada) into thirty “countries” (and a large swat of unincorporated mountains and desert) defined by the fan base for each of the thirty Major League Baseball teams. The boundaries seem fairly accurate, at least from my experience (I haven’t spoken with that many people in the South, for instance, but I gather from country music that much of it is Braves Country, as reflected here).

As the Flickr photo commenters point out, one glaring omission are the diasporic fans who inhabit the West: some territories, according to anecdotal evidence, follow a specific team from the East Coast or Midwest, even though not everyone in the territory ventured from that team’s country. If the commenters are to be believed, much of Idaho prefers the Mets, for whatever reason, and I recall that in the days before expansion delivered the Diamondbacks Arizona was Cubs territory (and remains so for contrarians).

Link – via Strange Maps

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Photos of old-timey daredevils.


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