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Google Fight

Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday April 5, 2007 by andtheivy

Newly discovered, via Jen G.:

Google Fight

Dig it much.


Wholesome Wear

Posted in Wicked Funny Pictures, With A Twist on Sunday April 1, 2007 by andtheivy

Adam shared this with me today. And I think we’re all the better for it.

“Swimwear that ‘highlights the face rather than the body’ includes an undergarment with bright colors at the neck and shoulders to draw the eye to the face.”

Culotte version, Skirted version and Slimming version. And they aren’t kidding about the neck and shoulder. This is swimwear for the Amish, folks. I retract that. I think even the Amish would find these a bit much.

And apparently these things aren’t cheap to make. Thankfully, the “Slimming Swimwear” ladies’ Large is on sale from $109 and is now the low, low price of $87.20. That’s the price you’ll have to pay in order to wear 92 yards of purple nylon fabric. I’ll bet it isn’t heavy when it’s wet.

But wait. There’s more:

“Watch for it next season.

Next season we will once again offer a Slimming Swimmer suit that extends to the midarm (between the elbow and the wrist) and covers down to the lower leg (between the knee and the ankle).”

What are we really trying to achieve here?? We are altogether too quickly moving to the burqa, friends. I’m a little uncomfortable with all that fabric.

Who’s with me?

Wholesome Wear