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Posted in Animals on Saturday March 31, 2007 by andtheivy

Phobias are covering a whole range of stuff. But the main ones are fairly sensible. Things like heights, poisonous snakes, spiders and giraffes.

A lot of people don’t understand just how debilitating being a giraffobe can be, some of them even laugh, as if giraffobia was funny. Well it’s not funny at all. Not when you find yourself checking for giraffes under your pillow every night.

And when you’re even scared of those dead giraffes you sometimes find in corners of the attic or in the back of dark cobwebby cupboards.”

(de la presurfer)



Posted in Wicked Funny Pictures on Saturday March 17, 2007 by andtheivy

This made me laugh.

Baby Rock Records

Posted in Uncategorized on Saturday March 10, 2007 by andtheivy

Sikegami has found another gem. Your favorite rock albums turned into lullabyes. What could be better? Okay, maybe a few things. But this is still pretty sweet. I would definitely go for Coldplay first.

Baby Rock Records

Crazy Flute Man

Posted in Video on Saturday March 10, 2007 by andtheivy

But seriously? That’s talent. And you can never go wrong with an Inspector Gadget/Axel F medley.

And if that wasn’t enough, here is the Super Mario Brothers theme:

Casket Furniture

Posted in Gadgets, With A Twist on Saturday March 3, 2007 by andtheivy

Another genius find from Sam: Casket Furniture.

Why buy a casket for just one day?  Buy casket furniture that you can use all year!!  Who doesn’t want that kind of morbidity?  Tell me, WHO?

Casket Coffee Table:

Casket Bed:

“Like buying a casket from Ikea.”


Posted in Gadgets on Saturday March 3, 2007 by andtheivy

This one’s for you, Amy!

“This simple yet extremely useful device helps you pick up and transport insects with ease. And to do that, all it has is an extremely long trigger handle (65cm) at the end of which is a soft bristle-head. What you have to do when you spot an unwelcome creepy-crawly is, position the bristle correctly and squeeze the trigger which then gently closes the bristles over the insect. The insect can be quickly (and more important, harmlessly) whisked away with you still remaining at a safe distance. Though this handy gadget has been christened as the “spider” catcher, it can also be used for various other insects as well. I couldn’t ask for more – atleast for now. Check it out at Gizoo as it retails for around $15.”

(de la popgadget)

Crazy Car Crash

Posted in News on Saturday March 3, 2007 by andtheivy

“No, you are not seeing two cars here. Take a good look at the license plate, it’s the same car… split in half.


Fortunately, the driver of this Audi RS6 was not hurt in this weird car crash apart from a few minor scratches”

(de la presurfer)