Tanner, The Pooping Dog

“To revive the declining fortunes of the Barbie franchise, the marketing whizzes at Mattel have unveiled their newest secret weapon – Tanner the Pooping dog:

“Now, instead of wasting afternoons playing dress-up and staging makeout sessions between Barbie and Ken, little girls can chase after Barbie to make sure she cleans up Tanner’s mess. As a bonus, Barbie comes with a trash can and a pooper scooper, and Tanner comes with chew toys and dog biscuits. Here’s one of Mattel’s promotional pictures:

“According to Mattel: ‘Tanner is soft and fuzzy, and his mouth, ears, head and tail move — just like a real dog’. Tanner also eats its own poop, just like a real dog! While Mattel calls the poop ‘biscuits’, they neglect to mention what medical affliction causes Tanner to pass these ‘biscuits’ through undigested.

“After receiving this toy, I wonder how little girls will start trying to feed their family dog ‘biscuits’ from the backyard.”

(de la saynotocrack)


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