Read In Style With Book Chairs

“The Bibliochaise is book storage with a difference. Apart from the fact that it has a higher than average creativity quotient, the Italian designers, nobody&co have thrown in an added utility factor by creating a literal ‘arm-chair library.’ With the Bibliochaise, you can pick off your books right from where you are seated. Because this chair-cum-library is designed to hold 5 linear meters of books and a book-lover as well.

“Next up is the Dondola, a sleek stainless steel rocking chair which can hold – if you haven’t guessed by now – books within the three storing cases provided below the surface. Though you can’t use this to store as many books as the Bibliochaise, with the Dondola, you can change the balance simply by changing the distribution of books in the cases. And to say the least, its looks are simply amazing. Contact the gallery Made75 for details.” (Via The Style Files)

I love this idea. Maybe I’ll build one of my own.

(de la popgadget)


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