Tree Bed

I would definitely sleep in this. 

  Also, I was reading a particular blog last week, and some comments about how cool tree-related design is.  I must agree.  I am becoming a sucker for branch art and trees and whatnot.  And I’m pretty sure that Lisa M. had something to do with that.  She made us tree branch curtain holders when we lived in the dorms together about a hundred years ago. And I also remember that there were bark remnants in more places in our room, although the specifics have escaped me…

Whatever the case, tree-related design is cool.  And that’s that.

Shawn Lovell graduated with high distinction from California College of Arts and Crafts with a degree in sculpture in 1993 and has since established a metalworking studio in Oakland, California. Shawn uses traditional forging techniques as well as modern welding fabrication to create her one of a kind pieces.”

tree bed

(de la Presurfer)


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