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Messing With Kids

Posted in Video on Friday December 29, 2006 by andtheivy

There is something so funny about messing around with the children.

This is the Loop Attack.


Visual Acoustics

Posted in Gadgets on Thursday December 28, 2006 by andtheivy

This is so cool! 

“With Visual Acoustics you can paint a musical composition on your screen! Choose an instrument for your brush, set the volume and delay, and move your mouse over the surface to create a pattern both visual and acoustical.” Link

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Smartest Kid Ever

Posted in Video on Wednesday December 27, 2006 by andtheivy

He puts me to shame.  He puts all of us to shame.

“Three-year-old Maadhu Krishnan of Sunnyvale, California can name all the United States capitols, plus the capitol cities of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas! He is also learning multiple languages, including Spanish. Hit play or go to YouTube. You can find the complete collection of Maadhu videos on YouTube, including a television news report.”

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O Tannenbaum

Posted in Gadgets on Monday December 25, 2006 by andtheivy

Here are the 10 best homemade Christmas trees.  The one below is made from Mountain Dew cans.  Genius!

Have a very merry Christmas!

10 Best Trees

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Guns, Ya’ll

Posted in Gadgets on Sunday December 24, 2006 by andtheivy

Ideal for all children, ages 7 to 17.   Ah, shoot.


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Posted in Engrish on Thursday December 21, 2006 by andtheivy

I’m a crap.

Indian Runner Fails Gender Test

Posted in News on Tuesday December 19, 2006 by andtheivy

You see, the woman runner isn’t really a woman.  She’s a not-woman.  Check out the article here.

Best line in the article: “The official also said the test revealed more Y chromosomes than allowed.

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