Nursery-Themed Jail

“The Dallas County Detention Center in Missouri is being painted pink with blue teddy bears stencils. County sheriff Mike Rackley went for the decor change after inmates trashed the inside of the joint trying to escape. From the Associated Press:

“‘Basically, if they are going to act like children and commit a childish act, then we’ll make a childish atmosphere,’ he said. ‘And its a calming thing; Teddy bears are soothing. So we made it like a day care, and that’s kind of like what it is, a day care for adults who can’t control their behavior in public….’

“Researchers have documented the ability of certain colors to evoke emotional and physical responses.

“‘It’s certainly viable,’ said Mike Carlie, a professor of criminology at Missouri State University. ‘There have been positive findings that show that certain colors stimulate and excite, and other colors, I guess you would say ‘soothe the soul.’

“One shade of pink, called Baker-Miller Pink, has been nicknamed ‘drunk-tank pink’ because of its use to calm violent prisoners.”  Link

There was also a story last month about a pink jail.  What IS this world coming to?

 (de la boingboing)


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