The Chattanooga Whistler

My friend Lisa has found the best hymn album of our time. Of any time, really. It is by Cartter Frierson, who has been whistling for over 50 years (inspired by legendary whistlers Fred Lowery and Muzzy Marcellino).

Every city and town seems to have at least one person who is always whistling throughout the day. In Chattanooga that would be Cartter Frierson. So his colleagues dubbed him The Chattanooga Whistler.” After a few years of piano lessons, Cartter learned guitar at age thirteen from Fletcher Bright, lead fiddler for the renowned Dismembered Tennesseans. Famed string instrumentalist Norman Blake taught Cartter how to play banjo three finger style in 1964. Familiar with many instruments and polished on none, Cartter also enjoys playing harmonica, upright bass, and Alpine Horn, taught by Helmut Fricker of Vail Colorado. To Cartter, music is an uplifting tonic, an immediate stress-reliever, the cheapest therapy available. With whistling, your instrument is always close at hand: right under your nose. Cartter can also be engaged for special events.”

You can also find Cartter at iTunes. Yes indeed.

Please, PLEASE check it out. My personal favorites are Crown Him With Many Crowns, and Be Thou My Vision.



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