Take Your Pet To Work?


Certainly we encourage anyone who wants to take their pet to work, but that’s not really the point of what we’re doing,” he said. “We want to focus on the animals that need good homes. If we can hook good people up with good pets, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Not Acceptable


One Response to “Take Your Pet To Work?”

  1. Oh yes, a colleague was recently fired for making excuses such as, “My dog was sick last night so I didn’t get any sleep.” And, “I am not coming in today because I have a doctors appointment after lunch and I don’t want to get myself and Buster (dog) ready for the day if I’ll only come in for half a day.”
    There were many other lame excuses. She used to bring her puppy in to the office, and he ripped up paper in one guy’s work station. When the guy asked her to pick up the paper she scolded him for having paper where a dog could easily get to it and she wouldn’t clean it up! Then the puppy peed in front of another girl’s desk. our whole office smelled bad and she talked to her puppy in a high pitched voice that made him hyper. Some people resented the puppy, but it wasn’t his fault his owner was acting like a moron. No to animals at the office!

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