Sleeping Bag + Teddy Bear Costume = Magic

The Selk’bag is a sleep/wear garment designed by Rodrigo Alonso for Musuc. A cross between a sleeping bag and a giant teddy bear costume (it would be perfect with little round ears).

The selk’bag solves the problem of moving around in your sleeping bag when it’s too cold outside to just take it off. Since it keeps your arms and legs separate, you can get up, roll around, and even manipulate things, because the zippers on the hands are accesible from the inside as well as the outside.

The selk’bag comes in two sizes and 3 padding density, making you feel like a little black bear, or a artic resistant polar bear.

Also don’t miss the other designs from Rodrigo, like the TAWA TE, a teacup with legs, or the WATT glassware, a wine glass in the shape of a lightbulb. Great design from Santiago in Chile, and I would link to them directly, if they weren’t using a flash site.

[via Design Spotter]

(de la notcot)


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