Do You Accept Fingerprints?

Biometric payment at convenience stores

Coast to Coast Family Convenience store in St. Petersburg, Florida now accepts payment via fingerprint scan. The technology is provided by San Francisco start-up Pay By Touch. From the St. Petersburg Times:

“People either love it or think it’s a sign of the coming apocalypse,” said Amer Hawatmeh, owner of the new convenience store at 110 E Bearss Ave. who signed up a few hundred customers for Pay By Touch. “But to me, it’s the wave of the future…”Pay By Touch now has tests under way with several convenience stores, gas stations and supermarket chains around the United States, including Harris Teeter in the Carolinas, Farm Fresh in Virginia and Jewel Osco in Chicago.“Finger scanning is new, so we want to get people used to it by building acceptance at high-frequency, high-traffic retail locations such as gas stations and grocery stores,” said Leslie Connelly, spokeswoman for Pay By Touch. “We’re also going into places where people who don’t have a banking relationship cash paychecks.”

Link (de la boingboing)


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