Average Homeboy

Our man has a bit of a problem finding the beat, but then again, he’s just an “Average Homeboy”. Keep in mind that during this manifesto, we’re implored to take into consideration that, in opposition to typical rappers, our singer is not on crack, nor does he live in a box. He is, however, fighting for his “equal rights”, which apparently extend to the wearing of Zubaz. And, now that I think about it, I do have a strange desire to purchase some Vuarnet. (marathonpacks)


3 Responses to “Average Homeboy”

  1. I need a Kleenex.
    This guy makes Napoleon Dynamite look like a tame liger.

  2. Wow! That’s a great find, so many gems in there. “I like to shoot some hoops… but not until I eat… my fruit loops” I’m totally using that one in my next rap.

  3. I appreciate his attention to detail.
    ‘I don’t do drugs AND I’m not on crack’… 2 seperate activities having nothing to do with each other, you see.

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