Running and Music: 2 Things I Enjoy

The Nike+ running shoes contain a pedometer sensor and a wireless transmitter that talks to a receiver you plug into your iPod Nano. You program your workout routine (and music) into your Nano, and it collaborates with the sensor to deliver messages like “two miles to go” to your headphones as you go, and tracks your workout for upload to your PC’s fitness-tracking app. I’m no runner, but I’m fascinated to see what the hardware hackers make of a wireless sensor that connects to the most popular portable player on the market.

This is going to make my running time go WAAAAAAY faster. What’s that? Oh, right. I don’t run.


(de la Warren Ellis via boingboing)


One Response to “Running and Music: 2 Things I Enjoy”

  1. This almost makes me want to start running… almost. As soon as they can get the nano to control the shoes so you can run without actually expending energy – that’s when I’m buying in.

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