Making The World A Better Place For All

It has been requested (over and over and over by some) that "my" finds on the internet (because let's face it, they aren't really mine) be posted on my blog space, rather than going out in email after email (after email). I have decided to comply. So this is the inception of something really great, I can tell already. Not really sure what it is yet, but I'm sure the impact will be explosive.

So, this is how it's going to go. I am going to post "my" finds, and some of these may be repeats for a few of you fine folk. There have been some doozy finds in the last 2 years that I have dedicated to my internet research, so I may pull from the past and post those too. Some of them are just too good to forget.

I must say, I find myself a little sheepish at what most of the content of this blog will be, as I think about my good friends' blogs (Adam, EZ, Kerry Drew, etc., etc.), and what they contain. Those fine people are writing about much more important and life-changing things. Maybe this blog will have some of that mixed in…I'm not really sure yet. I will admit to you that there ARE much more important things to me than the internet and all the mysteries it contains. I care about the Lord (and those things that are important to Him), Uganda, the elderly, etc., etc. I suspect that those reading this blog in the first place are my friends, loved ones, and cohorts. Not to mention associates. So I imagine some personal commentary thrown in won't be so bad or boring to you people. You know who you are.

In closing, I welcome your comments…especially those relating to how I can make this blog (and the world, of course) a better place to be.

Cue "I Believe I Can Fly".


5 Responses to “Making The World A Better Place For All”

  1. I am MOST excited about this. I hope you can keep this up. Looking forward to what’s in store.

  2. This is going to be so flippin sweet.

  3. your gifting is really starting to emerge. Indeed.

  4. Is this because you refuse to yield to the power of myspace =) Just playing! This is much more mature (pronounced ma’toor)! I’ll keep up…

  5. not really sure I get it, but what do you expect from me….–>

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